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I 'm a photographer, and the owner of VISUDECO® Online Art Store. I make landscape, urban and abstract images - for you to decorate your home, office, or give a gift of a luxurious and digitally signed print. It's all about Wall Art, and you can order from here - online, and receive your prints by postal service - satisfaction guaranteed. These prints are copies of my original images, and only sold here - in this store. Cheers - Mark Wessel.

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Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction with our wall art products. If you don't like your purchased items - in any way - we will refund you the amount you paid for the products.

Warm and Friendly

The image of the street lamps of The Pont Neuf Bridge in Paris, France - in the late afternoon light - gives a calm, warm and friendly feeling to any room.

A Few Thoughts

Mark Wessel talks about photography, and what is important to him about his images.

Free Shipping Worldwide

We ship our prints to countries all over the world, and it's free of charge.

Blog posts

Image titled - Element - by Mark Wessel. Metal print.

Abstract Image Titled - Element.

Element - is the new abstract image. Click the photo above - to go to the blog.

Or you can go directly to the product page of "Element" - sold as a Metal Print - here.

Also for sale on acrylic, and framed. Just write the title in the search field - top left of these pages - to show the list of options for this image (or any other image).

Mark Wessel
Abstract Image Titled - Fireproof

Abstract Image Titled - Fireproof

An abstract image titled - Fireproof - has been added to the store.

You can now purchase this image ( as shown above - for mounting on the wall with aluminum mounting posts in each corner as an acrylic print ) a metal print - or framed.

Click on the image above - to go to the main article/blog about the abstract image.

Mark Wessel
New Abstract Image - Crystal Ball

New Abstract Image - Crystal Ball

A new image titled - Crystal Ball - is now available as an abstract print on acrylic, metal or framed.

This image is mesmerizing, and a welcome new design in the VISUDECO® Collection.

As I mention in the blog - when I'm working on a picture - I go with the flow, and having no real intention with the image - other than a general idea - often results in some surprising designs.

Mark Wessel