Abstract Image Titled - Fireproof

I've made an abstract image titled - Fireproof - and it has been added to the store.

As seen above - pictured as an acrylic print for mounting on the wall with aluminum mounting posts in each corner - if you so choose to purchase. You can order some images with this feature.

To go to this specific product - choose "Aluminum Mounting Posts" in the "Mounting Style" - option, on the product page - here.

It has a partial brush stroke effect, which means that some parts of the image look like they have been hand painted. This is an effect, which I am very fond of using on many of my images. Some images have broad brush strokes, some have fine brush strokes - and others have partial - like this one.

My use of this effect, is mostly to make the images look "dreamlike". This is especially the case with my landscape and urban images. With my abstract images - it is a welcome addition to all the other tools I use.

Hope you like the new image.

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