New Abstract Image - Crystal Ball

A new abstract image is now available at VISUDECO® - for acrylic -, metal -, and framed prints.

It's titled - Crystal Ball - and shows a clear, round shape with repeating color decorations inside of it, which change shape, and get smaller towards the center.

To go to the Metal Print purchase option - go here.

Like my other images - this one practically made itself, meaning - I make my images by instinct. My work process is a long one - going from the first impression, that I decide to work on - through different and many stages, where I rely on my visual sense, and if I'm satisfied with it throughout all the stages - without thinking of what it could represent. Only when I reach the final image, that I feel cannot be improved further - do I start seeing possible symbols and meaning with the image.

I like to say . . . I enjoy the ride (work), and make a pit-stop (image) - once in a while.