Abstract image titled - Splash - by Mark Wessel. Acrylic print.

This new abstract image titled - Splash - was made by hand - digitally - from the ground up. Starting with a black canvas, I then made a drawing of a face with a brush "dipped" in red, a color that - if you've noticed - I'm very fond of.


Below - a close-up of part of the image.

Visudeco close-up of part of abstract image titled - Splash - by Mark Wessel.

After that, I used several ways of changing the image - like for example - using the brush strokes and other ways of shaping the image, to make an abstract shape. For instance, when looking at the full image - up top - you can see how the red color is formed into a winding circle towards the middle of the image. I call it - Splash - because it seems as if the colors splash towards the viewer.

I'm also very fond of the different and interesting colors I managed to make, and which are visible the closer you get to the image.

You can go to the products of the image below.

1. Splash - Acrylic Print.

2. Splash - Framed Print.

3. Splash - Metal Print.


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