Image titled - Element - by Mark Wessel. Metal print.

Abstract Image Titled - Element.

Element - is the new abstract image. Click the photo above - to go to the blog.

Or you can go directly to the product page of "Element" - sold as a Metal Print - here.

Also for sale on acrylic, and framed. Just write the title in the search field - top left of these pages - to show the list of options for this image (or any other image).

Abstract Image Titled - Fireproof

Abstract Image Titled - Fireproof

A new abstract image titled - Fireproof - has been added to the store.

You can now purchase this image ( as shown above - for mounting on the wall with aluminum mounting posts in each corner as an acrylic print ) a metal print - or framed.

Click on the image above - to go to the main article/blog about the new abstract image.

New Abstract Image - Crystal Ball

New Abstract Image - Crystal Ball

A new image titled - Crystal Ball - is now available as an abstract print on acrylic, metal or framed.

This image is mesmerizing, and a welcome new design in the VISUDECO® Collection.

As I mention in the blog - when I'm working on a picture - I go with the flow, and having no real intention with the image - other than a general idea - often results in some surprising designs.

Synergy - The New Image

Synergy - The New Image

This image is the new addition to VISUDECO® Wall Art - since it's re-make. Kick-starting the website with a proper oomph.
Just for you packages at Visudeco.

Introducing New Products and Free Shipping

With the new implemented products comes a new standard at the store.

Metal prints, acrylic prints and framed prints give the images new life and luster, and a luxurious feeling.

We also offer free shipping now, and this means that we deliver to countries around the world - free of charge. 

Film and clipboard icon for Visudeco blog.

Thoughts by Mark Wessel

Just a few thoughts on video, about photography. - Mark W.
Metal print of image titled - Effect 2B - by Mark Wessel.

New Abstract Image Available - Effect 2B

The - Effect 2B - image has a special rendering, and replaces the older - Effect 2 - version, which is no longer for sale.

In golden and pastel colors - this new image has a 3D effect, and can be ordered as an acrylic print, metal print - or as a framed print.

Spring flowers.

Spring/Summer - New Website and Art Store!

Browse through the new Visudeco website and art store, and choose your prints in the spirit of spring/summer. A fresh and new experience in your search for long lasting quality and beauty.
Digital image titled - Tree Number 3 - by Mark Wessel at Visudeco.


I came across this beautiful tree, not far from my home. It has a wonderful shape, and it just cried out: "Take a picture of me!" - when I was walking past it. It's in Charlottenlund Fort (Denmark) - for those of you familiar to the location. A wonderful little park in the outskirts of Copenhagen.