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Traveler - New Abstract Image

The title for this new abstract image - Traveler - came in the process of making it, when it started looking as if it had movement. As it looked more and more like some kind of floating object ( like my other image titled - Element ), I started smoothing out lines and polishing the design - to make it appear fluent and ergonomic. 

A strong, iconic image, that fits my collection well.

1. Traveler - Acrylic Print

2. Traveler - Framed Print

3. Traveler - Metal Print

Abstract image titled - The Path - by Mark Wessel.

The Path - Abstract Image

I am very satisfied with the result of my abstract image.

It's titled - The Path - and consists of a golden circle, with lines and figures inside of it - forming some shapes - a landscape - a bit out of focus, and a figure at the front. The landscape is made a bit out of focus, to create some depth and distance to the figure.

The Path - products for print - Acrylic Print - Framed Print - Metal Print.

Abstract image titled - Splash - by Mark Wessel.

Splash - Abstract Image

Splash - a new abstract image is ready for sale as

1. Acrylic Print.

2. Framed Print.

3. Metal Print.

I write a bit about how I came to make this image and the tools I used.

A few months have gone by since my last image. So I start this year 2020 with a splash of colors.

Abstract image titled - Element - by Mark Wessel.

Abstract Image Titled - Element

Element - is an abstract image. Click the photo above - to go to the blog.

Or you can go directly to the product page of "Element" - sold as a Metal Print - here.

Also for sale on acrylic, and framed. Just write the title in the search field - top left of these pages - to show the list of options for this image (or any other image).

Abstract image titled - Fireproof - by Mark Wessel.

Abstract Image Titled - Fireproof

An abstract image titled - Fireproof - has been added to the store.

You can now purchase this image ( as shown above - for mounting on the wall with aluminum mounting posts in each corner as an acrylic print ) a metal print - or framed.

Click on the image above - to go to the main article/blog about the abstract image.

Abstract image titled - Crystal Ball - by Mark Wessel.

Abstract Image Titled - Crystal Ball

An image titled - Crystal Ball - is available as an abstract print on acrylic, metal or framed.

This image is mesmerizing, and a welcome design in the VISUDECO® Collection.

As I mention in the blog - when I'm working on a picture - I go with the flow, and having no real intention with the image - other than a general idea - often results in some surprising designs.

Abstract image titled - Synergy - by Mark Wessel.

Synergy - Abstract Image

The abstract image - shown above as an acrylic print - was made with several different tools. It was digitally hand painted and computer generated, and worked on with a bunch of digital image editing programs.

It's especially made with the Metal -, and Acrylic Print - option in mind, for a deep contrast and rich colors.

It will attract attention, where ever you hang this abstract print.

Just for you packages at Visudeco.

About Products and Free Shipping

With the new implemented products comes a new standard at the store.

Metal prints, acrylic prints and framed prints give the images new life and luster, and a luxurious feeling.

We also offer free shipping now, and this means that we deliver to countries around the world - free of charge. 

Abstract image titled - Effect 2B - by Mark Wessel.

Abstract Image - Effect 2B

The - Effect 2B - image has a special rendering, and replaces the older - Effect 2 - version, which is no longer for sale.

In golden and pastel colors - this new image has a 3D effect, and can be ordered as an acrylic print, metal print - or as a framed print.

Spring flowers.

Spring/Summer - New Website and Art Store!

Browse through the Visudeco website and art store, and choose your prints in the spirit of spring/summer. A fresh and new experience in your search for long lasting quality and beauty.